Frequently asked questions

Do I have to print the cards myself?

Yes. The purpose of this web application is limited to generate a PDF with the cards you want, in the correct size and with the cutting guides you need.

I recommend (I'll earn a commission if you buy through this link) if you want to order professional quality proxies.

Can I print tokens?

Yes, just search for the token by name, like you would with any other card. For example, "Treasure".

Can I print emblems?

Yes. Search for the planeswalker name appending "emblem" at the end. For example, "Liliana, the Last Hope emblem".

Can I print multiple copies of a card?

Yes. When searching by name you can directly write the number of copies you want. For example "2 Ponder".

You can also add or remove copies directly from the card's action bubble, which appears by hovering over it.

Can I search for cards in a specific set?

Yes. If you search only by the card name (for example "Ponder"), it will display the most recent set where it appeared.

If what you want is a specific set of the card, you have several ways to do it:

  1. Add the card directly from the set page.

  2. On the print page, find the card just by name and then select a specific one in the variants view:

  3. On the print page, find the card by name but appending the code of the set between brackets. For example "Ponder [M12]".

    The code of the set can be obtained in the sets grid:

Can I print double-sided cards?

Currently, double-sided cards are always printed together when generating the pdf. You can search for either side and it will have the same effect. For example, searching for "Delver of Secrets" or "Insectile Aberration" will result in both sides of the card being added to the pdf.

Why are some cards in lower resolution?

Unfortunately the source from which the images are obtained only has high resolution images for the English language. Cards in other languages have lower resolution images, so especially texts will not be so sharp.

New sets may also have low resolution images, even in English, but in this case it is a matter of time until they become available in higher resolution.

What providers are supported for deck imports?

The following table shows all supported providers and examples of valid deck URLs:

ProviderDeck example